Legal marijuana's sensational evolution is helping crack open a previously closed door: money to start and grow cannabis businesses. Thanks largely to the Federal Governments' announcement on August 29, 2013 that stated, it would not challenge laws legalizing marijuana in Colorado and Washington state and more states approving medical marijuana. The checkbooks are opening and investment partnerships are being signed.

G FarmaLabs is leading the way for the Cannabis Industry. "Our company had a solid foundation and is thankful to have been in such a great position when the Federal Government made it's announcement," says it's CEO "It has been a long and hard road thus far but the future is bright as can be, we are setting "The Standard" for an industry which has literally, just been born," says the spokesman.

G FarmaLabs created their first major brand, Liquid Gold Extracts and since then have become the industry leader in Cannabis Vape Oil. "The Liquid Gold Brand shot us to the top of an emerging industry but what others never imagined was that we would just continue unveiling product after product for both the Medicinal and Recreational markets that would keep setting "The Standard" and raising the bar," say's Ata.

The company's vision is clear, to be the best, you must hire the best. Their in-house team will soon be announced but we can tell you that they are well staffed and quickly filling key positions that will continue taking market shares. In order to continue this remarkable pace in the ever changing Cannabis world, G FarmaLabs has just broken ground in a state of the art Cannabis research center.

The "Lab," as they reference this facility, is equipped with the latest state of the art scientific and extraction equipment available in today's market. The "Lab" is run by an extremely talented and hand picked team which will grow into the nations 's most prominent cannabis science and research facility. The excitement at the core of this company can be seen and felt as they walk by you in the halls of their headquarters. When Ata speaks, people listen... "We are just thankful to the administration for finally hearing the voice of the people, we are proud to be G FarmaLabs, Leaders of the American Cannabis Revolution!!!"

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